Scheduling Change

Hi guys, I’ve enjoyed doing this very much but I’ve had to accept that if I continue with this blog the way I am doing it right now, I’ll run out of stuff to talk about in a few weeks. Now that doesn’t mean I’m stopping the blog it just means that I have slow down.

Instead of a review a day, I’m gonna do one every three days. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to be precise. Also, I’m gonna do less ‘and all this goes for the sequel too’ so I can talk more about each game without making a wall of text.

The other major change is that I’m opening the field up to GBA, PS2, XBOX & Gamecube titles. There’s a lot of people with the systems still  kicking round, and they’re pretty much all playble on current gen machines.

Alright, today isn’t review day so I’m gonna wrap this up. Thanks for reading guys, I hope I’ve helped!


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