The Debate is Over. Games Are Art.

I believe that I’ve come across indisputable evidence that games can and sometimes are works of art. Sure people have said ICO, Psychonauts, Limbo and Shadow of the Colossus but I’d like to present The Stanley Parable. It’s a short little Half-Life 2 mod and to say much more than that would ruin much of the surprise. Imagine all of Bioshock’s themes on linearity and choice in gameplay crammed into 10 minutes.

Let me think, what can I tell you about it…Oh! My mind is one of those that never shuts off, even at 3am when I’m tired beyond belief. For me, the sign that something is truly thought provoking isn’t my mind being abuzz with ideas and speculation, it’s when I can’t formulate a thought.

That’s what The Stanley Parable gave me, moreso than any game or film. In fact, I think only George Orwell’s 1984 and Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot Speech matched that intensity for me. I finished it over an hour ago, and I’ve spent the time since then laying on my bed, my mind just trying to absorb the layers and complexity of what I experienced.

Get it. Get it now. I don’t care what your stance is on the debate, or even whether you care. Get. It. Now.

Here’s a link. Instructions and everything there. Go now.


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