Free Games!

I know that this should be review day, but I’m packing for my move into Halls this weekend, and my internet connection’s spotty at best, so instead I’ve put together a short list of stuff I want to talk about here but can’t really in the context of a review. Now, on to business.

Free stuff

OK, here’s some good stuff. I’ve probably mentioned it all here before but I’ve made a list of what’s free and where to get it. It’s far from comprehensive, but it’s what I like.

1) Ben There, Dan That!
Written by and starring the two eponymous heroes, this is a donationware point-n-click adventure based on the old school humour stylings of games like Day of the Tentacle. The graphics are pretty damn bad, but hey, it’s an indie game! They’re not all artsy auteur projects.

2) Echo Bazaar
A game so good, I reviewed it twice. It’s an experiment in ways to deliver narrative experiences in browser games, and so damn charmingly well written I’ve paid money for this free game. That’s right, it made a man who dedicates a site to budget gaming voluntarily spend money.

Seriously, check it out, you have no reason not to.

3) Battle for Wesnoth
Like Ben There, Dan That! I fully expect to give this a proper review at some point. It’s a freeware, open source turn-based strategy game with simple mechanics and plenty of content both built into the original download and available for free download.

4) Team Fortress 2
The net’s most consistently popular online shooter is now free. It’s just one of half a dozen Free 2 Play games now on Steam, though it’s easily the biggest. Look into the others while you’re there.

5) Various MMORPGs
Some high profile MMORPGs like Age of Conan and Lord of the Rings Online are now using the F2P model, and Star Trek Online will be by the end of the year. There’s plenty of smaller ones out there using this model too.

6) Beneath A Steel Sky
Again, this is a game I’ve already reviewed. Let me say some cool words. Cyberpunk. Point-n-click. Humour. Free. Dispenses kittens. Robotic sidekick.

OK, so it doesn’t actually dispense kittens, but there is one in it.

7) The Night Circus
Not really a game, more a magnificent promotional campaign by the team behind Echo Bazaar for an upcoming novel. It’s a heavily simplified & streamlined version of Echo Bazaar, but still charming and there’s enough content there to sustain a decent level of interest.

Oh, there’s also a promotional code in there that’ll give you 25% off preordering the book.

8) Twilight Heroes
Another browser game, this time a humorous, text based superhero game. Well, amateur superhero. If you’ve encountered Kingdom of Loathing before this is very similar. You don’t get much play time per day, and there’s a problem with story events not cropping up often enough while patrolling the right areas, but it’s still fun.

You can expect a full review once I’ve had another week or three to see how the rest of it turns out.

If you’ve got any other cool free games to share, or anything to say or ask about the ones mentioned above, leave a comment or a link below.


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