FOX News attack eco-conscious games

Yeah. You read that right. With the release schedule being somewhat slow recently in the post-summer lull FOX News didn’t seem to be able to find anything scandalous enough. They probably would have tried riling their viewers up over Catherine if it wasn’t a game with a specific age rating and dealt with relationships in a mature fashion, or Deus Ex if it didn’t touch on intellectual themes they can’t even pretend to pronounce, let alone understand.

Instead, they chose to go after games with a green theme. Or at least contained the viability of eco-friendly play. Apparently, games such as McDonald’s: The Game, Sim City Societies and Fate of the World are spreading a “liberal agenda” amongst today’s children and forcing massive, guilt-ridden decisions upon them.

To see the segment, you’ll have to click the link as I can’t find a site I can embed from right now.

Let’s examine their claims, shall we? First off, McD’s. They seemed to think that it’s an official McDonald’s game that children are expected to play. It’s not. It’s a parody of McDonald’s business model. Present liberal (or at least anti-McDonald’s) bias. For kids? No. At least, not intended for kids. And if some do play it, would it be a bad thing for them to learn the truth behind their McNuggets?

Next, Sim City Societies. Hardly a current game, it’s approaching its fourth birthday and even then it didn’t set the game world on fire. For those of you who don’t know, Sim City games have you building and managing a city, including its power supply. That seems to be what’s got FOX’s easily distracted goat.

In more recent Sim City games, you can pursue green energy sources and take steps to reduce waste and pollution. Doing so will be more costly, but make the city a nicer place to live. On the flip side, coal, gas and oil may be cheap and quick, but they’re dirty, and property prices fall. Apparently having to make such a decision would guilt a child terribly.

I don’t understand this thinking, When I played it back on my SNES, I’d get bored of all those kinds of decisions and order Bowser to stomp my city.

Finally is Fate of the World, an indie game made in conjunction with Oxford University climate change experts and charities like Oxfam. It puts you in charge of the ‘GEO’, and new world political entity designed to help stem the tide of environmental damage.

I’ve played it and trust me, it’s not for children. Yes, the game is difficult. Without your expert help the Polar Bear does die in the game. The Arctic Circle will melt. There’ll be riots, floods, storms, brushfires, topsoil erosion, rising sea levels. All that bad stuff.

I can’t say I ever felt more than a momentary pang of something approaching guilt, more a kind of intellectual frustration as I tried to balance stemming the tide of the damage already done while improving the situation at hand.

Fate of the World is something not with a liberal agenda, but with a climate change agenda. It’s seeking to educate based on real science, not FOX News quasi-religious, quasi-fascist bullshit. Anybody who lets their child play this game is a bad parent.

Sorry, but they are. Hey, Mr and Mrs Moral Panic, it’s your responsibility to make sure your children only see, play or read what is appropriate for them. Not the artist, not the censor, not the government and not the publisher.

And these were never even meant for children. You wanna educate the nation FOX News? Educate yourselves first. You’re in dire need of it.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mitch Allan
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 19:00:31

    I mean really – all FOX (and all their other right-wing brethren, don’t think we’ve missed you guys out) are proving is their own stupidity.
    Just like the ‘Mass Effect is a sex simulator’ and that whole Battle of Fallujia thing – they’re a bunch of tools who don’t understand video games. Or, you know, much else either.


  2. jackcalico
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 20:27:14

    Yeah, FOX = bad. I almost didn’t consider it news enough to write a piece on until I play Fate of the World for myself.


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