Should I Buy? – Freedom Force vs the Third Reich

The original Freedom Force was a fun, if sometimes repetitive superhero game that put you in charge of the titular crime-fighting organisation.

Freedom Force vs the Third Reich manages to bring some more plot cohesion and differing objectives to the table to liven itself up. As you can infer from the title, there’s some seriously silly time travel shenanigans going on here.

After you stop a superpowered Soviet called Nuclear Winter and his accomplice Red Oktober from starting an atomic war with Cuban Missiles, you arrive back at base to find yourselves under attack from Nazis. As you do. From there, you have to go back to stop the Nazis from ever conquering the world.

There’s no major change to the game mechanics. The interface has been tidied up a bit, and the Energy system for your superpowers has been simplified but that’s about it. There’s a handful of new heroes to help you out, the most prominent being the non-powered 30’s heroes you encounter. Though they’re fun, they’re not as strong as the guys that fly, shoot fire and alter the fabric of reality with their minds.

The others range from decent to useless, though the grim Tombstone is both useful and funny. All the old characters return, just as useful as before.

Yep, he's shooting flying Nazi brains. That happens. Remind me why you don't own this again?

From what’s above, you may be thinking that this game’s just a holding pattern. Not really changing anything and being only cosmetic in difference. That’s true, to a certain extent but the story is enough to earn itself equal footing with its predecessor.

In the original, you fought your way through a colourful Rogue’s Gallery but never really had a clear plot focus until the end. vs the Third Reich paces itself better by focusing on just a few supervillains and a greater emphasis on story arcs.

And if you’re wondering just how a colourful and goofy game about cheesy superheroes that make BIFF signs appear when they punch people addresses the atrocities of the Nazis, they don’t. The big bad Nazi guy is a demented psychic and the ranks of gun-toting soldiers is liberally sprinkled with altered gorillas and flying brains that shoot lasers.

There’s enough costumed campery and nasty ne’er-do-wells to give you another reason to pay your pounds for this extraordinarliy entertaining game that’s fully fond of alliterative acclamations.

Price: (Steam) £2.99
£4.99 (Double Pack)

( $5.99


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