News – Square Enix still aren’t remaking FFVII

OK so Squeenix still holding out on that isn’t such big news. They are remaking(ish) something though, Final Fantasy X is getting an HD re-release.

Some day...

I’m not entirely sure who they’re hoping to market this game towards. Surely any Final Fantasy fan interested enough in buying X again will just get it on PS2. You have all kept yours, right? The PS2 has the best game library of any console ever (PCs are a different kettle of aquatic creature) and now all the games are available relatively cheap in stores or online second hand.

OK, so we can put Final Fantasy fans that don’t own a PS2, fans that must buy every damn new product with the Final Fantasy brand name, and who else? Now I’m all for this game reaching a bigger audience, it was great. But it’s a bit too readily available and most HD re-releases are basically the same aside from updated visuals.

Permit me to sound like a whiny fanboy for a moment here, but is this really the game they should be bringing to new audiences? I’ve heard that a proper remake of VII, and I assume by extension the divisive VIII and my personal favourite IX , would take five years minimum, be horrendously expensive and take up upwards of half a dozen discs to do to true Final Fantasy standards.

The actual best Final Fantasy

OK, I can buy that, even if a significant section of the fanbase things the series hasn’t been up to its true standards for years. Then again, others say the same about the move to the PS1, and some say it’s better now than ever and some…y’know, let’s just say it’s a mess and leave it at that.

And with VII, VII & IX now available on the PSN and most of the other games already remade for something, there is one underserved title in Squeenix’s stable of stallions I think needs this treatment.

Final Fantasy VI. For the massive, world-wide, gaming culture changing impact that VII had, VI actually played a lot better in a purely mechanical sense and I maintain still holds up as a great game, all importance to the series and such aside today.

It has already had a revamp for the Game Boy Advance, but trying to find without dipping into the legally murky waters of emulation is expensive. And even then, who still has an Advance? Or a DS that you can play GBA games on? I’m pretty sure most people traded theirs out for the ones with the useless camera.

It has a playable Moogle, what more do you want!?

If Squeenix is determined to mine the last time it was sure it was good, like a lot of classic franchises these days, can’t they mine that particular vein of gaming gold?

I’m not gonna own either a PS3 or Vita for the foreseeable future, so either way I can’t buy this. Maybe I’ll buy X again anyway. That’d be a fun one to review.

So what do you think? And which game do you think does genuinely need a remake or reboot or reimagining or something else beginning with re?


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  1. Mick Deak (@Mick_Deak)
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 15:40:06

    It may be an experiment; one huge, expensive experiment. ‘Squeenix’ have come under some of criticism over their handling of cut-scenes*, to put it kindly, and (afaik) X was where it started to get silly. I distinctly remember getting told of for not going to bed because I was up at 11 or something, stuck in one of the opening cut-scenes. But people still loved it, so they may be using PS3’s fancy graphics to revamp the visuals, and sit back and analyse the critique.
    On the other hand, Squqqnix may be a bunch of moronic douche-fags and just be thinking “haw haw haw them suckers-I mean customers want us to make a remake!? Sure thing! Fuck the popular favourite VII though, I like X. OOH OOH LET’S MAKE X AGAIN! :D”

    *Speaking of cut-scenes, great timing! Extra Credits uploaded this not long ago:


  2. nyxbot
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 16:48:20

    I think FFV could use a good remake — maybe on the 3DS or Vita. My nostalgia demands a remake of FFVII, but I’m not too hopeful. My theory is that they will remake it in 2017 on the 20th anniversary of the game, and also when they said they would end the “Final fantasy VII Compilation Project” (aka spinoffs and milking the series).


  3. Mitch Allan
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 18:27:58

    I don’t know – I think maybe gamers with more disposable income might buy this – you know, people who get Collector’s Editions etc of their favourite epic films, or something. If I already had a PS3 – I would probably consider getting this (X is illogically my favourite because it was my first; I realise the earlier ones are technically better).
    I definitely agree that there are titles much more in need of an upgrade, so I am headscratching about why they chose X of all things – unless it’s an attempt to grab back some former glory.
    Would definitely prefer it if they stopped milking the old titles and spent the same amount of time making their recent games as good, if not better – instead of the lacklustre stuff we’ve got from them recently :/


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