Should I Buy? – Puzzle Agent 2

When I first considered reviewing this game I struggled to think about what I could say about it that hadn’t already been said in my review of the the original. But it eventually struck me that there are a couple of things worth discussing, even if only briefly.

First of all is that it obviously has a different story, and while the first copied so much from Professor Layton that it too had its plot exist to serve as a vehicle for the puzzles, things have been mixed up in this sequel to make the puzzles serve as a subservient companion to the plot.

It turns out that Agent Tethers got a Detective’s itch after certain aspects of the Scoggins case were left unexplained, so now he travels back to find the missing pieces of the…mystery. You thought I was gonna go for puzzle there, didn’t you?

Anyway, for obvious reasons I can’t talk about the details of the plot without spoiling the first game so this is going to be a little difficult for me. Whereas the first game infused everything with a subtle sense of the uncanny that rendered even innocent things things tense and slightly off, this one delivers more payoff to that tension.

Doing so means the plot gets trippy quite quickly in a way that almost makes this feel like the lost love child of Terry Gilliam and David Cronenburg. The end section is a particular mind screw, and I’m still not entirely sure what happened.

There does seem to be a curious disconnect between the new stuff and the locations and characters of the last game, almost as if the game was originally intended to have additional time with all that stuff from the previous game that got pushed out for more weird.

In terms of mechanics and design the game’s the same as its predecessor. But the restructuring of the plot style and pacing means fewer repeats and a better grasp of why the puzzle in question is so vital that it needs to be solved. If puzzles are all you’re here for, you’ll get enough of a fix to satisfy you though you might get a bit miffed at all the plot you have to wade through to get to them.

Get it if you liked the original, it’s different enough to be worth the extra investment. If you didn’t play number one, I’d recommend that first. It’s cheaper and you might not grasp what’s going on without it.

Price: (Steam) £6.25


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