Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 isnt’ a ripoff

Who here is an MvC3 fan? Now I haven’t played it, but it sure looks fun. It was a big hit with critics and gamers alike, and Capcom originally planned to release one ‘metric crap tonne’ of DLC content for it. This kinda put me off, not having XBOX Live and being unwilling to pay for it for only a few pieces of DLC.

But instead they announced Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, an expanded version of the original. The original shipped with thirty six characters and had two for DLC, and this new version includes twelve new characters, six each for Marvel and Capcom as well as rebalanced gameplay and a new Spectator Mode.

This pissed off the fans, as this new version would be on a standalone disc and not DLC as they’d been expecting. That sounds fair enough right, being promised one thing and then having what sounds like an expensive cashgrab foisted on you instead?

Well, not so much. Let’s examine the claims.

This should have been DLC
I agree, the developers did too. But after the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan recently, their development schedule was understandably disrupted. Rather than cop out on the deal or reorganise their schedule, they decided to make a new version of the game.

Fans are still getting what they were promised, and actually more besides. Apparently, the new content is split ‘half and half’ between what was already planned, and new content and gameplay tweaks that are beign included due to fan request that they weren’t going to get round to before. That’s a good deal where I’m standing from.

It’s too expensive
Is it really? Both DLC characters currently available are $5 each. If only half of the new characters were originally planned, that’d be another $30, on top of the $10 for Jill Valentine & Shuma-Gorath, plus $60 for the original game. That’s $100 you’d be paying to get everything on offer. And if all the characters now added were to be released, that’s be $130. I do not love Marvel or Capcom enough to that much.

Now, they’ve promised that UMvC3 won’t be full price, so let’s assume $40. That’s fair, right? It’s not an official number by any means, but it sounds plausible enough to work with. So, if you bought the original game, plus DLC, that’s $70. Now, if I’d paid that much I’d be pissed if I were told I had to buy a new game disc to get the rest of the content.

It’s unclear just what they’re going to do with pre-existing DLC characters Jill & Shuma, but let’s assume you have to download them again. That’s $40 + $10 = $50. If we add that to the assumption you bought the original with DLC, that’s £120.

Now, we’ve got two models to compare that to, the $100, +6 character deal that could have been offered. This is $20 up for another six characters, that would have been $5 each, plus a new mode and rebalancing. So those new characters should have cost you $30, but you got them for $20, plus a goodie bag of new stuff.

Then we have the $130 deal, in which case you’re now $10 up, with the new mode and tweaks.

Of course, this is assuming you’ll have to redownload the DLC at a cost of another $10. Maybe it’ll be transferable, making you $10 better off on either deal if you got that. Maybe they’ll be included as standard, meaning everyone’s an extra $10 up.

And even then, that’s only if you paid full price for the game. If you got it in a bundle deal, a sale, second hand or any other method of buying it cheaper, you’re even better off.

And if you never bought it, you can get more content than the original had for cheaper than the original. And if you’re already happy with the game you’ve got, you don’t have to buy this out of some mindless brand loyalty.

It has Phoenix Wright as a playable character
That justifies the purchase to me. Nowhere else can you OBJECTION! Wolverine to death.

This is actually Capcom doing something nice
They’re dicks. They make several versions of each Street Fighter game, charging ridiculous amounts for games that just have a few new characters. They cancelled Mega Man Legends 3, let Resident Evil 5 get wrong a lot of what 4 got right, and they’re not localising Ace Attorney Investigations 2 or Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney.

Now that they’re actually being nice for a change, don’t spit at them.

Just using basic mathematics, this deal’s actually pretty much win-win no matter what your prior purchasing experiences with Marvel vs Capcom 3. And you know what? I’m gonna be buying it. It’s what finally sold me on getting the game. Now they just need to release the Phoenix Wright trailer…


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mitch Allan
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 11:39:14

    Waaaait, they’re NOT localising Prof Layton vs. Ace Attorney?
    (Great review as always, but…but I’m crushed D= )


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