Should I Buy? – Yosumin!

And lo did we behold the harbinger of the apocalypse. Do you all remember how ridiculously addictive Bejewelled was? Well Yosumin! is just as ridicutive (my new word). It also seems to be some kind of military experiment in weaponising cute.

This is a colour matching tile game from Square Enix, better known for creating a series of increasingly androgynous characters than this sort of thing. Originally a Japan exclusive for the DS, it’s now been ported to Steam in an attempt to utterly horde your free time.

The story (such as it is) of the adventure mode is that a giant stained glass window the Yosumin somehow rely on has been smashed, with pieces of it raining down all over their domain. Your job is to go out and find them. This is done through entering an area and completing a variety of challenges therein.

Gameplay give you a Bejewelled type board in which the object is to create squares or rectangles which have corners that’re all the same colour. Doing so removes them from the board and spawns new ones. Simple enough. On each board you have certain targets you have to meet before time runs out. These can be things like getting a certain number one different coloured Yosumin, different sized rectangles or collecting a certain amount of fragments.

Playing through either Adventure Mode or Endless Yosumin will slowly introduce you to a range of things that shake up the basics like the Bigmin, Goldmin and Badmin. you might feel a little overwhelmed at times as you try to conquer a difficult board, but it’s quite well paced.

Yeah, I can see like half a dozen good moves in there.

Like Bejewelled, it’s simple enough mechanically but put together with enough spit and polish to make it infinitely playable. A lot of that comes from the Pavlovian rewards the game offers up. Beating a map gets you a nice fanfair, clearing the whole board at once makes all the tiles explode as the game shouts “Yosumin!” and clearing a set of challenges lets you see another piece of the window be remade.

Like I already mentioned, this game is cute sculpted to a near scientific degree. I found myself shouting “Yosumin!” along with the game and see coloured blocks when I try to sleep. A rent warning slipped under my door while I played this. The only thing that stops this from consuming the world like its predecessor is the fact that right now the most portable thing you can play it on is a laptop.

If you play Yosumin! my recommendation is to stay away from the Endless mode. The only reason I was able to tear away was the clearly marked stop points in Adventure Mode. Also, it has a demo available.

Price: (Steam) £5.99


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mitch Allan
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 12:51:40

    There’s a demo?
    Well, there goes my third year at uni. Here’s hoping it doesn’t run on this computer so I have a few months of freedom XD
    Thanks, great review as always.


  2. jackcalico
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 12:53:29

    You think that’s bad? Wait for today’s review.


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