Should I Buy? – KrissX

Despite the rather ludicrous spelling, this game is pronounced ‘criss-cross’. It’s another simple puzzle game Steam had up on sale recently and gosh darn if it isn’t an addictive one. Like Yosumin! there isn’t much to it, but its in the endless variability of its core mechanics that it becomes worth your time and money.

Basically, you have a crossword grid, like below. The catch is that each word is jumbled up. Hovering the mouse over each word gives you a hint as to what it is. For example, if you had CODIEL and the clue was ‘like peaceful’ or ‘unlike angry’. I’ll let you figure that one out though.

I'm not sure why the Owl is there either

Aside from word gird puzzles and occasionally being asked to put a jumble of letters in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order, that’s all there is to it. As you complete more grids, the words get longer, the clues more tangential and the number of words gets upped. This means that you can pretty much keep playing until it gets too tough, then start a new profile and go again. Or just persevere with patience and a thesaurus.

There’s also a Time Attack Mode, special themed grids to unlock and a Create A Puzzle Mode to keep you occupied, but it’s all just spins on the same basic formula. How much, if any, enjoyment you get out of this is equal to how much you love wordplay. In my case, that’s a lot so the purchase is really justified to me.

There’s not much else to say, it’s well presented and calls you awesome if you do well which is always a plus. If you’re not sure just how much you’d get out of something as simple a KrissX, check out the demo.

Price: (Steam) £3.99


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