Should I Buy? – Puzzle Bots

Wadjeteye Games are a small indie studio dedicated to producing adventure games for the PC. And Steam just so happened to put one of their games on sale for a very reasonable price and cheap adventure/puzzle games games are pretty much Kryptonite to me. Anyway, Puzzle Bots is a game in which you take control of a group of miniature sentient robots.

Strangely enough, to discuss the actual plot would in itself be a spoiler, as it doesn’t kick in for quite a while. At least the first half has none of the main plot driving it, instead focusing on the interactions of the five inventors and their robots.

Starting with Hero, you gradually gain control of a bunch of robots each of which has one ability. The trick is to use these abilities in conjunction to solve the various puzzles. Luckily, the puzzles are creative enough to never make it annoying that you’re limited to these five tools.

There are some niggling gameplay problems though. Like overlong animations you’ll have to watch several times while trying to work a puzzle out, or some robots going without any real use for long stretches of time. Also, I found the majority of the game as intellectually challenging as a Mister Men book. Then again I can breeze through an Ace Attorney game in a day or two, so maybe I’m just too experienced with this type of thing.

The robots are pretty cute, and their personalities are pleasant. The human cast isn’t quite so great. They’re a nice diverse bunch, and their dialogue is fine, but the acting doesn’t always pan it out and it’s clear that some of them are only really there because they needed that many people.

Also, when the plot does finally come around, it all gets explained in a Scooby Doo type ending that doesn’t do that great a job of answering all your questions. And there’s a few instances of what seems like lazy animation, but I can forgive an indie game that.

It’s also quite short, with just seventeen puzzle sections. The ones that’re there are good, but I got all the way up to the second to last section in a single sitting.

But yeah, it’s fun, interesting, clever, looks pretty and funny in places. It’s good, but not great. Due to its short length I can’t really outright recommend it but I can say that if you like puzzle games that aren’t too hard or are just looking for a bite-sized game of this type, it’s one of the better options.

Though these flaws that make it an iffy proposition for an adult would actually make it great for a kid, so if you’ve got young’uns in your life, this could be a really fun game for them.

Price: (Steam) £3.49
( £3.45


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