One Special Edition isn’t enough for Final Fantasy XIII-2

I’ll admit that I’ve yet to play Final Fantasy XIII, so I don’t know if there is something really amazing to it that I’ve just not experienced but I’ve not seen or heard anything about it that’s made me really excited. So, when I heard that it was just one title in a planned compilation I was a little annoyed. Sure, make plans for sequels and spin-offs when making a game but it smacked a little of counting their eggs before they hatched to me.

Still, Squeenix are Squeenix and they can do whatever they want with their games, so long as Vaan either doesn’t appear or can be brutally murdered by much better characters like Kain or Laguna.

Apparently the designers over at Squeenix have a metaphorical hard-on for the character of Lightning. A combination of the game’s sales and developer’s wishes lead to the green-lighting of a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2. My only experience with the character was in Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy, where she seemed like a fairly generic ‘tough girl’, and essentially a meaner version of Squall Leonhart. I don’t know why she’s like that, but it definitely didn’t sell me on her.

As you can probably gather from above, I’m not super excited about the sequel. But hey, it’s their franchise, their money and people want this game enough. I’ve seen worse games made with less justification.

What has annoyed me is their plans for the Special Editions. Now, these were announced for the Nordic Countries, the EU and Australia, but that doesn’t preclude their release in other territories.

First up is a Limited Collector’s Edition at £60. That’s fine. Lots of games do that. Final Fantasy has definitely earned the right to have an extravagant Special Edition. It’s got a Soundtrack CD of selected tracks, an artbook, six collectible postcards and a high quality art print of Lightning. Fairly cool.

But then, for another £20, for a grand total of £80, you can order the Crystal Edition with the complete four disc soundtrack (replacing the selected track CD) and an exclusive t-shirt to go with the other stuff. Add in the pre-order bonuses from different places (Serrah and Noel getting different costumes, a recruitable monster and and a novella bridging the gap between the two games), and the list of stuff is pretty damn high.

First of all, I question if all this is really necessary, how many units of these do they expect to ship? Sure, it’s quite well priced for what it’s offering, but are there people out there who care that much? That’s not rhetorical, I actually don’t know if this is an experience that merits all that.

But that preorder content that you can only get one of? Well, in the Nordic Countries, there’s a special Nordic edition that gets all the preorder content as standard. Huh. Seems that nowhere in the world can you get all this content for one version of the game.

That bugs me about stuff like this, If you’re expecting someone to want to preorder for special content and buy a collector’s edition, surely they’ll buy everything that’s on offer. Why is this sort of stuff almost never made available in a complete form?


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