Stuff you should really be into

Nope, still not got anything to review yet. However! There are some things you should check out, so here’s a list.

Echo Bazaar
No I will not shut up about this. It’s a brilliantly written casual game you can play completely free while just pissing about on the internet. Why don’t you play this yet?

The Guild
A web series created by nerd queen Felicia Day after a two year World of Warcraft addiction. It’s a clever, deadpan take on MMORPG’s, gamers and gaming culture with a genuine knowledge of and affection for games. So it’s not just people saying nerds are shit

Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
Inspired in part by The Guild, this is a short web superhero musical by Joss Whedon staring Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day. It’s also full of catchy tunes, great dialogue is just a blast to watch. You can find it for free on Youtube, but there’s also a DVD you can buy with a musical commentary among other cool features.

The comics for The Guild and Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
Darkhorse hosts the tie-in comics for not only these, but also Mass Effect and Serenity. You can buy them all at Darkhorse Digital. While they’re not of the highest quality for comics, they’re certainly fun (though the Mass Effect ones are the ‘worst’ as it were.) There’s also some Neil Gaiman comics on there, and I judge you for every moment in which you don’t read them. Speaking of which…

The Sandman
Think of a comic book. This is better than that. An epic series of 10 volumes told over nine years about the titular Prince of Dreams, The Sandman flits from urban horror to swashbuckling fantasy to nightmares to historical drama and back to 90’s New York in time for tea and it all fits ridiculously well. Not only is it one of, if not the greatest thing from comic books, but of all fiction ever. Really, it’s that good.

Dr Solar, Man of the Atom
I did mean to mention this along with all the stuff from Darkhorse before I got caught up in talking about The Sandman. Sorry about that. Dr Solar is nominally a superhero comic in that he gains superpowers from a freak accident and fights creatures that terrify the populace in a costume. But it’s not really about that, he’s like a cross between Green Lantern and Dr Manhattan. It’s a series that approaches the superhero story from a more human angle. It’s worth checking out.

A card game that comes in a variety of flavours including vanilla Fantasy, Pirate, Sci-Fi, Cthulhu Mythos, Cowboy, Kung Fu, Super Spies and Zombies. It’s a humorous game in which you and your friends compete to get to level 10 first. To do so will often require your mewling little levels ones to band together and help each other, only to then backstab and cheat to the top. It’s a lot of fun once it gets into the swing of things, though there’s always the one guy who gets the short end of the stick and ends up moping. He’s just not cheating hard enough.

Are you sick of shooting and hacking zombies into small, gooey chunks in first and third person shooters and sandbox games? Well now you can fight the horde in a board game! You and a few friends try to fight your way to the Helipad in a randomly generated city with power cards, ammo counters and all that sort of thing. It’s fun, but falls short of being innately great. It depends who you play with. A bunch of chatty and competitive (and hopefully drunk) friends? Great! A bunch of people you vaguely know…Maybe not.


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