The Dr Who MMO Preview is live!

Hello Whovians! The guys who made the free to play Puzzle Pirates have just launched the playable preview for the new Dr Who MMO, Worlds in Time! I’ve been playing it the two days since it’s launch, and you’re all free to do likewise. Find it here at

It’s pretty fun, and looks great. Basically, the Doctor recruits a whole bunch of people to help him repair time. Somebody broke it. To do so, you have to run around a lot and sonic things. Each different type of action has a different minigame attached that you have to complete to progress. To make them easier, you craft upgrades for your screwdriver.

Unfortunately, doing missions, unlocking the shards for rewards, crafting advanced upgrades and even buying expensive clothes requires energy costs. Currently you get 50 a day for free, that recover at a rate of about one every half hour. Getting more costs money. The lowest bundle is 600 of such Chronons for $3, so it’s value for money at least. Still, 600 energy would last about a week I reckon, so if you really get into playing it, it’ll be a regular purchase.

Much as I like the game, I’m not entirely happy with this method of making their money. I don’t begrudge them for making it, I just know I’ll be regularly paying these small amounts for a long time.

But seriously, try it out anyway. And if you see a Silurian who looks like a space cowboy called Nemo, say hi, he’s one of the devs. And if you see a Catman called Pho, say hi cause that’s me!


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