Ace Attorney News Roundup

Yay for Ace Attorney! There’s been a few tantalising bits of news recently (no, not loacalisation plans for AAI2 or Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney) and I’ve rounded them up here, hence the name, for y’all to look at.

First of all, the film, Gyakuten Saiban is it’s currently known. Probably more due to the film studio than Capcom, who’ve recently crossed the line into complete trolls, the film will be getting international release (probably DVD only, don’t get too excited), with subs and dubs available for the language of your choice.

As another nice bonus, the characters will be known by their translated names in the language in question. So you won’t have to hear about the trials of Ryuichi Naruhodo, you’ll be hearing about Phoenix Wright blasting through the cases and noting down names to pursue further litigation.

Next, we have the announcement of Ace Attorney 5. Technically, this means the two Investigations games are officially Gaiden games and not mainstream entries. I mention this because that’s all the information we have about this. Seriously, that, and the logo below are all we know. To go really out there, I did note that the logo number is red, the colour of Apollo Justice, whereas the colours of the logo for the “Phoenix Arc” were all blue. I wouldn’t read too much into this, but it looks like Mr Justice might be the new protagonist.

This makes sense, Justice was meant to be the new hero and various plot details from games 3 & 4 would make a new Phoenix game feel contrived. I won’t mention what for those that’ve yet to finish the games involved.

Finally, the original trilogy, those being Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright, Justice For All & Trials and Tribulations are going to be released on iOS devices. Whether or not they’ll be iPhone compatible is unknown, the recent iOS port of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective was iPod Touch and iPad only and it may be the same for this rerelease.

Oh yeah, dudes, they totally released Ghost Trick on iOS devices! I know right?! That game was amazing! It’s by Shu Takumi, creator of the Ace Attorney franchise and is easily the best detective-cum-poltergeist game ever. OK, that’s kinda damning with faint praise, but seriously, it’s a great game that never got great sales anywhere in the world and really deserves more attention. The first two chapters are free, the rest of the game is £7/$10.

Now, to talk a bit more about Capcom. One thing is that they clearly aren’t ready to abandon their international market for Ace Attorney. The film news above, Phoenix Wright getting in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and the original trilogy ports to both Wii and iOS devices all show that they’re “testing the water”, not just teasing their fanbase. On the other hand, they really *are* trolling Megaman fans.

They cancelled Mega Man Galaxy 3, he didn’t get into Marvel vs Capcom 3 or Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3‘s expanded roster despite being their classic flagship version, and thought to be pretty much a shoe in. After then using a freakin’ background stage in  UMvC3 to suggest he might be DLC, and then gave Zero and Frank West Megaman outfits.

And now, the *new* fighting game crossover they’re doing, Street Fighter X Tekken, recently released a trailer that included footage for new, PS Vita exclusive characters including Pac-Man and the Megaman from the original Megaman‘s North American box art, the one that everyone thinks is just hideous.

Capcom is confusing.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mitch Allan
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 21:28:03

    I don’t…Isn’t the Megamen fanbase one of Capcom’s biggest?
    Y u troll so hard?

    Can’t wait for the movie! Ta for all the news (I will actually catch up on Ace Attorney. One day. Honest.)


  2. jackcalico
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 21:41:17

    Just a head’s up, the film will probably spoil the entire first game. You may want to play it before you see it.


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