Should I Buy? – Mass Effect 3 DLC From Ashes

OK, so, I got Mass Effect 3. It’s great, buy it. But, I need some time before I can properly review it. There are also other things I want to write about the game, and possibly the trilogy as a whole, so welcome to “Mass Effect time of as of yet undetermined length”!

So. Day one DLC. Surely it must be horrendously evil right? No. It’s basically a pre-order bonus you can buy. At least in this case. See, it’s included as standard in N7 Collector’s Edition but available for everybody else to download for $10USD/£8.50/800 Microsoft Points. And is it worth that much? Well, yeah.

I get that it was probably planned to be full content, but the were told that they had to make something day one DLC, and having played the whole damn game, I can tell you it’s in no way needed to make the game “complete”. It’s a nice addition that nets you an awesome and interesting squadmate and a stupidly powerful gun.

Anyways, seeing as the main feature of this DLC is a new squadmate, it’s best to buy it either when you get the game or when you’re about to start a new playthrough. And when you have it, try to make the recruitment mission on Eden Prime be the first one you play, when given the chance.

So. The DLC itself. It gives you a mission to recruit a new squadmate whom I must now talk about so SPOILERS. As you’ll see from even just looking at the promotional images, it gives you a Prothean squadmate called Javik.

And he’s awesome. He’s got a great look, a great voice and as a character he has a complete range of conversations with you and other squad members. His presence does go largely un-addressed in the game proper by people who don’t even question what he is.

That said, the character as a whole works. He provides a good look into the Prothean culture that we’ve had almost zero information on. Also, his accent is awesome.

Recruiting him will bump your total squad member count up to seven. In combat, he’s a combat/biotic mix who can equip pistols and assault rifles. So he’s kinda filling the same role Samara filled in ME2, and I used him in pretty much all of my missions as my biotic support. But seeing as how this game has a reduced cast list, the only other Biotic characters are Liara and Kaidan, if you saved him so having a good Biotic alternative is also  a good thing to have from a mechanical standpoint. Now, I was on Easy mode, but he did a bangup job.

Recruiting him gives you the Prothean Particle Rifle, an assault rifle that has infinite ammo in the always-recharge sense. And it’s a constant beam that can strip down health, shield, armour and barriers pretty damn easily. And it has awesome range. And enough concentrated fire from these guns can slow down even the OHMYGODITWILLKILLUSALL enemies while they die. And all your rifle-bearing squadmates can equip it.

Seriously, that’s a fucking awesome gun.

Oh, and all the squad members get a second alternate outfit. Aside from being cool, each different outfit gives the squad member  a different bonus like extra weapon damage or increased power cooldown. Which is nice.

I do feel that this DLC really adds to the experience of the game, and I’m damn glad that I bought it. And I almost never buy DLC. Now that I’ve played a game with it, it’s kinda hard to imagine a playthrough without it. But then that’s just a sign that it works and is integrated well.

Yes, you’re losing out on a great experience by not buying it. But your Mass Effect 3 core experience will not be compromised by not buying this. It’s not necessary. But it’s cool as all hell.

Buy it. Buy it now.


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  2. mass effect 3 release date
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 15:40:21

    I should note that the supposed “good” ending includes a very brief cut scene where Shepard is still alive but appears to be in bad shape; I don’t have much of an incentive to work hard to get my EMS up for a 20 second cut scene that leaves some ambiguity about Shepard’s ultimate fate.


    • jackcalico
      Apr 09, 2012 @ 20:50:59

      It’s not much incentive, no. But the new DLC is going to give us the “what happened next” answers we wanted. Besides, I’d prefer it if Shepard did die.


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