Stuff You Should Really Be Into 3: Star Wars Reference

I, having completely infallible taste in everything ever, have come across a bunch of stuff that I think is cool and want to share with you all. I’m fantastic like that.

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.

A twelve issue Marvel Elseworlds miniseries, Nextwave is the story of a bunch of D list Marvel heroes and original characters forming the team Nextwave to take on H.A.T.E. It is the epitome of psychotic fun. I’ll take this over some “dark”, “mature” and “edgy” issue of whatever superhero or team DC has decided needs to be just as depressed and angsty as Batman any day.

It’s very difficult to find any words to adequately describe Nextwave, so below is an excerpt from the book. It has not been altered in any way.

Batman: The Brave And The Bold

A TV show dedicated to all that is wonderful and silly about DC Comics’ 75+ year history. It takes its name from DC’s old team-up book, and features the Caped Crusader teaming up with heroes ranging from mainstays like Green Arrow & Aquaman to more obscure characters like Detective Chimp & Bwana Beast. It also features some of DC’s wackier villains like Crazy Quilt & Ma Murder. Not to mention the fact that it has a musical episode with Neil Patrick Harris playing the villain. Yes. Batman had to stop Neil Patrick Harris from taking over the world through song. That is a thing that happened.

Teen Titans

I’m not talking about any of the comic book incarnations of the team, but rather their animated show from a few years back. Yes, it’s a kid’s show. Yes, the animation has a discernible anime influence. You know what else it is? Fun. And funny. With good characters, solid action and the most awesome theme song in kid’s TV history. Also, its quality is a lot more consistent than Brave and the Bold’s, which had three seasons with a lot of ups and downs.

Young Justice

I like superhero cartoons, OK? The first season of Young Justice impressed me for being a good team show with likeable, three dimensional characters and a tight story focus. The overarching plot of a villainous cabal called “The Light” can get grating, but overall the first season was fantastic.

The second season is a little less so, far too many new characters who don’t get enough time and far too many plot threads running. It’s still a good show, though it’s looking like it won’t get renewed for a third season.

Brows Held High

One of my favourite review shows over on TGWTG, it’s a series on art house films, delivered with humour and intelligence by Oancitizen. Check it out. It’s cool. And I said you should. So ner.

Do beware, there’s often sex and/or violence in the films he reviews. Censored, but still.

Stuff You Like

Another review show. Here’s the show’s description: “Ursa presents Stuff You Like, where fangirls + analysis + awesome examples of media = good times for all.”

The videos are a little short for my liking, but Ursa combines intelligence and insight with the enthusiasm of a fangirl. Highly recommended.

Needs More Gay

These things come in threes, OK? Another review show, looking at male homosexuality and its representation in the media. Again, a little short for my liking but if you’re interested in issues of media representation and such like I am, this is a good show.

don’t take it personally babe, it just ain’t your story

The second game from Canadian indie developer Christine Love, who also created Digital: A Love Story Analogue: A Hate Story. It has a title that annoys me for being very long to type and not having any capital letters, which upsets the pedant in me.

The game itself is a short visual novel where you play a new teacher who is given unrestricted access to the social networking accounts of your students, and face the dilemma of how to act on this information when it comes to helping them with their personal problems. I don’t like the thesis of its ending, or the way it forces you to read all your students’ communications, but its certainly an interesting experience and I hope we see more from Christine Love and her fascination with communication in the digital age.

Katawa Shoujo

I’ve already talked about Katawa Shoujo here, so I won’t get into it much here. It’s a visual novel in which you date one of five disabled high school girls. Please don’t be squicked out by the premise, this is a game that deserves attention and discussion.

Depression Quest

A short text game about suffering from depression. Obviously, trigger warning for depression. As somebody who’s had problems with depression, it does a pretty good job of showing just how hopeless and crushing it can be. If you do play this, please don’t treat it like a ‘game’ to ‘beat’. Make the decisions you would make. Play it through a few times, going through all the ways you could conceivably see yourself acting in those situations. Whether or not you have or do suffer from depression, it’s a good tool for helping to understand the issue.

*Sigh* Remember when I started this post and I was talking about superheroes fighting evil monkeys? Those were good times.


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  1. Mitch Allan
    Feb 18, 2013 @ 07:55:42

    Ah, I always love these…
    I STILL wake up at two in the morning humming the Teen Titans theme. It never goes away.

    Thanks for the links to review/analysis shows – I love them but find I sometimes have to trawl through TGWTG to find my kind of stuf; so I usually just wait until you recommend something.

    As always your list of short indie games sounds fantastic, and I will be right on that when I’ve finished Analogue: A Hate Story.


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