Stuff You Should Really Be Into 4 – Too Many Darn Sequels

Time to level. I haven’t been updating much because I kind of got out of the groove with reviewing what with being a third year university student and all. That said, I have played a lot of games this year like Sleeping Dogs, Dishonored, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Transformers: War For Cybertron, Inazuma Eleven Far Cry 3, not to mention the news 3DS I bought myself. So maybe you’ll be getting more reviews soon. But until then, I’ve recently discovered a treasure trove of my new nerdvana: retro videogame webshows. So here’s some of the stuff I like in no particular order.

Pat the NES Punk

Where The Angry Video Game Nerd uses excessive swearing (and if you don’t mind/like/can get past that, his show is pretty damn great), Pat uses excessive self-deprecation.

His purview is NES games, believe it or not. He reviews games good, bad and somewhere inbetween. If you’re interested, you can find his stuff on YouTube, Blip, &

PushingUpRoses’s A Second Look At

A reviewer of old PC adventure games, PushingUpRoses also has a pretty large amount of Let’s Plays with various webshow folk you might be familiar with like Paw. Her stuff can be found on YouTube, Blip and

Note: Her Let’s Plays are not on


General 8 and 16-bit game stuff. Sometimes it’s reviews, other times it’s discussing things like censorshipin Nintendo games or stress-testing NES carts. It’s an enjoyable mix.

Only a small about of Rinry’s stuff is up on, the rest can be found on her YouTube channel.

Roo of the Clan of the Grey Wolf’s 16 Bit Gems

Another contributor, Roo creates the 16 Bit Gems show. Which, believe it or not, is dedicated to reviewing SNES games you might not have heard of but are, well, hidden gems. That last sentence has too many commas, doesn’t it? Oh, well, you’ll, live, probably,.

His Blip channel contains a lot of vlogs and such, so you might want to stick to watching his stuff on YouTube or

JewWario’s You Can Play This

A show dedicated to 8 & 16-bit Japanese games that you can import and play. Ever wanted to know which Japanese Famicom platformers to import? I haven’t, but I do love seeing periods of gaming history I’m all but ignorant of!

His stuff is on Blip, and YouTube.

The Video Game Years

A collaboration documentary project of many contributors which goes through video game history year by year and talks about the various milestones and oddities along the way. Available on & Blip, as well as the retroware YouTube channel.

One last thing

While I like what little of 8-Bit Alli there is so far, it’s still a very small amount. Put her under the “ones to watch” category, I guess. She’s also on & YouTube.

Another last thing

These content producers do so off their own backs and are only paid via ad revenue. If you’re going to watch their content, please disable any ad-blockers you normally use for these sites, or at least for as long as you’re watching there stuff. Watching on Blip will give them a better cut of the proceeds than YouTube, and if you do use an ad-blocker on Blip you’ll be forced to stare at a message about ad-blockers for 90 seconds instead of watching a 30 second advert, so it’s really not worth it.


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