Ace Attorney Movie Trailer

The actual video itself was given to me by a friend and is apparently an ‘unlisted’ video on Youtube. I guess this means I shouldn’t go handing the link out, but once it’s made official I’ll embed it here.

There’s more than a few things that caught my eye about it. The first and most obvious is that director Takeshi Miike has embraced the animesque visuals of Ace Attorney just like Kenneth Brannagh embraced Thor‘s camp elements. This really looks like Ace Attorney blown up onto the big screen.

Remember Lotta Hart’s ridiculous hair? It’s bigger than it was in the game. The costumes of characters like Edgeworth and Maya Fey? Even Phoenix’s spiky hair. They are all here. And it is glorious.

Not that it all looks like some campy parody. In its own way, it also looks like a slick courtroom drama. Sure, a hugely dramatic and stylised one, but that’s an integral part of the series and it looks like it’s being treated that way.

Another thing is the characters. Sure, Phoenix, Maya, von Karma and Edgeworth were prominent. I also caught glimpses of Larry Butz, Dee Vaquez, Gumshoe, Mia and the aformentioned Lotta Hart. I was really surprised by Vasquez’s appearance. She’s from the third case of the original game, the one that doesn’t actually fit into the overarching plot.

Presumably then, the film will cover the four cases that comprise the first ‘arc’. That seems like too much for one film. It would seem logical that some of the cases are only dealt with in cutaway, montage-esque sections or that the film will be in two parts.

Hopefully the film will get an international release (DVD only, I’m not deluded enough to think it’s get a theatrical run in Europe or the US). However, I am completely behind this project and I have a lot of faith in Miike’s vision.

Perhaps, and now this is heavily deluding myself, perhaps if this film and Wright’s appearance in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 are popular enough outside of Japan, we’ll see international releases for Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney and Ace Attorney Investigations II: Miles Edgeworth!


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